About us

Teros believes electric bicycles can help more people to cycle instead of driving a one-tonne or more car. This is not only healthier and cheaper, it is also the greenest way to travel. 

If you'd like a healthy and fun way to travel, but are daunted by hills, long distances or headwinds, a good quality electric bike from Teros  can make all the difference.

Our products

Hobart's hills and weather demand a well built and equipped bike. We researched the ebike manufacturers, sought first hand accounts, and selected models that we think have the quality, power and reliability for use in hilly Hobart.

We sell a range of quality e-bikes to suit different requirements. See an overview of our range of bikes here.

Our Partners

Glowworm Bicycles are the distributors of the highly awarded eZee bikes and eZee bike kits. They are also Sydney's premier electric bike specialists.

Eurocycles in Sydney are the distributors of the fantastic range of Gepida bicycles featuring the Bosch mid-drive system.

Perth based SolarBike distributes excellent value kits that can electrify your existing bike. We stock their lightweight SwiftBike kit and the sturdy complete SolarBike kit.

The Hobart Bike Kitchen is a non-profit group of bike lovers promoting cycling by recycling pre-loved bikes and supporting cyclists keep their bikes in good condition. 

Our History

Eco-bikes was established as an electric bicycle specialist store during 2010. During October 2014, eco-bikes evolved into Teros to better serve people seeking a more active and natural lifestyle.

A portion of the profits derived from all sales are put into a projects fund to help support sustainability and carbon reduction projects in Tasmania. Since 2007, this fund has donated tens of thousands of dollars to projects including support for Sustainable Living Tasmania and sponsorship of the Sustainable Living Expo.