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Do electric bikes make you fitter?

Posted by admin on September 5, 2013

Because electric bikes are easier to ride than a regular bike, people tend to ride more often. Studies have found that more riding is translating to better fitness.


Do e-bikes make you fitter? 
The answer is a definite yes!  
Of course, electric bikes take the hard grunt out of riding. But you can choose the level of power assistance and pedal as easily or as hard as you wish — adjusting the amount of exercise you do.
Because electric bikes or ebikes are easier to ride than a regular bike, people tend to ride more often. This is particularly true for shorter trips (e.g. to the shops or to visit friends) that would otherwise be taken in a car. 
Health professionals agree that short periods of regular exercise is very beneficial for physical and emotional health and far better than irregular or no exercise. 
Research has shown eight out of ten ebike riders use them once or twice a week but less than half of conventional bike riders ride as much*. The same research found that one-third of ebike riders ride their bike everyday!!! 
This experience has also been reported by our customers. A South Hobart lady had not ridden a bike for 40 years before buying an eZee Street ebike. Since then, she’s replaced most car trips with bike rides and ended up having reduce her clothes size by two. 
Not only do ebikes make you fitter, they also help you ride further. A 2008 study in Holland showed the average trip undertaken by ebike riders was 33% further than a conventional bike rider (9.8 km for an e-bike and 6.3 km for normal bike).
*Sources: (a) Leeds University report: 'The New Generation of Private Vehicles in the UK. Should their use be encouraged and can they attract drivers of conventional cars?' (Neil Guthrie 2001)
(b) Transport Research Laboratory report: 'New Cycle Owners - Expectations and Experiences'  (Davies and Hartley 1998)


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I think ebikes do male you fitter. But just to be sure I'm going to come visit the store today to test my theory.
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