Electric Bikes

Our range of electric bikes.


eZee Bikes

eZee bikes are known the world over for their proven performance and reliability. No other bikes have been as extensively tested in long-distance real world rides. At each price point, eZee bikes offer higher quality components than other e-bikes. They give excellent performance at a very reasonable price.


eZee Sprint | With its classic look and sloped frame, the Sprint is immensely popular with both ladies and gents. It's been designed primarily for your daily commuting comfort and pleasure. The high torque motor powers the front while the rear internal gears change speedily and silently without a hitch, ensuring an easy ride in any scenario.



eZee Torq | Tough, reliable and rides like your favourite hybrid commuting bicycle (only further). With 8-speed Shimano Deore gears, an electric motor and disc brakes, you'll be going harder and faster than ever.



eZee Street | Small and easy to manoeuvre, this zippy e-bike is unbeatable on the hills. The eZee Street is as small and fun as a folding bike without any of the compromises - that means a comfortable and sturdy riding position, a Shimano 7-speed internal gear hub, and freedom to add a front basket and gadgets to the handlebars. If you've found most bicycles are just a bit too big for you or your apartment or you just want an e-bike that's easy to hop onto and cruise to the shops in style then this one's for you.

Ultra Motor


A2B Hybrid | The A2B Hybrid is an exhilarating pedal-assisted electric bike. Styled, designed and engineered in Germany, A2B bikes come with one of the best electric bike warranties on the market. A2B Hybrid makes getting there easy and lets you arrive feeling fresh.