SolarBike's Swift Kit

Lightweight, affordable and reliable

The Swift Kit is a lightweight, efficient e-bike conversion kit from Perth-based SolarBike Australia. It's the lightest weight kit on the market with excellent power providing assistance to up to 28 km/hr.

It features a light weight water bottle style Panasonic Li-ion battery powering a lightweight 200 watt internally geared hub motor. Mounting the battery on the diagonal cross bar improves the bike's centre of gravity and helps ride handling. There is also an option for a standard rear rack mounted battery.

The planetary geared system allows good torque at low speeds and is great for tackling most hills. 

The battery can also power motors up to 500 watts, but this combination offers better free wheel ability and a considerably improved range over higher powered motors.


  • 200W hub motor mounted on a 26" or 700c wheel; (350W or 500W also available for use on private land);
  • the motor wheel is disc brake compatible and comes with a torque bar;
  • Panasonic bottle style 36V 11Ah lithium ion battery - mounts on to diagonal cross-bar;
  • Both twist and thumb throttle;
  • Controller for motor and battery; and
  • 36V lithium-ion battery charger.

More information on this and other kits is on the SolarBike site. Download the installation manual